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  • Ravi Chandra

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  • Shubhangi Chinchansure
  • Salesforce Developer
    • Total 6+ years of experience in CRM and platform with proficiency as a Developer and Administrator.
    • Created Lightning Components, added CSS and Design Parameters which improves performance.
    • Knowledge of configuration and maintenance of security settings such as role hierarchies, profiles and permissions, setting login hour and IP ranges in compliance with organizational needs.
    • Proficient in dealing with the functionalities related to the Service cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Call center, Chatter & AppExchange applications.
    • In-depth knowledge in Developing Apex code within Governor Limits.
    • Experience in Data Loading using Import Data Wizard and Apex Data Loader.
    • Experience in Development using, Visualforce and Apex.
    • Capable in developing client specific solutions using Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Controllers and Controller Extension, Components and Test Methods.
    • Experience in creating Lightning Components using aura framework, creating Visualforce Pages.
    • Prepared unit test cases using apex test classes and to fulfill the 75% of test cases for the development in Salesforce.
    • Have explored Lightning Experience to check the impact of enabling Salesforce Lightning Experience in existing implemented Salesforce system.
    • Proficient in creating custom objects, Role based page layouts, Workflow Rules and Approvals, Validation Rules, Custom Reports and data extraction to various formats.
    • Worked on Salesforce Customization, Security Controls, creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Record Types, Page Layouts and Email Templates etc.
    • Performed validation rules, work flows, e-mail services and approval process using customization and Apex.
    • Experience in setting update data visibilities by configuring OWD, Criteria/Owner based Sharing rules and writing Apex managed sharing rules.
    • Experience in building Salesforce1 applications for mobile devices using Salesforce Lightning Design System.
    • Experience Working with CPQ to oversee design, estimating, citing, rebates, motivating force and recommendations on any gadgets.
    • Experience using JIRA for issue tracking.
    • Provided customers with best practice solutions as related to Salesforce CRM.
    • Good exposure to RDBMS, SQL and PL/SQL, writing SQL scripts for efficient report generation.
    • Great involvement in creating Lightning Apps, Lighting web Components (LWC) , Controllers and Events.
    • Strong experience in deploying Salesforce components across various sandbox and production instance using Change sets, Migration tool (Ant based scripts) and Workbench.
    • Good working experience with Java Object Oriented Programming technologies and HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    • Written SOQL and SOSL queries in Apex.
    • Worked extensively on Cross browser compatibility checks for all developments and involved in fixing software defects, track bugs, close open defects and validate functionality.
    • Installed Salesforce AppExchange Apps, configured and maintained user security permissions in compliance with organizational needs
    • Experience with developing a complete Case Management System using Lightning Components, Controllers, Helper Methods, and Style Sheets
    • Experience in Integrating Salesforce with External services using both SOAP, REST Web Services.
  • Previously at
    Capgemini INC

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  • Evandro Silva
  • Marketing Cloud Technical Lead
  • • Experienced and multilingual CRM, customer analytics, and email marketing professional with a proven track record in customer acquisition and retention, loyalty programs, e-commerce, and data-driven marketing.
    • Proficient in customer segmentation derived from extensive behavior analysis and rigorous testing to create customized journey messages using multiple channels (email, social media, and applications) to increase customer engagement, drive customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.
    • Successfully designed and implemented world-class email marketing programs for renowned retailers with a significant e-commerce presence.
    • Worked on a broad range of large-scale projects in the UK, North and South America, within global reach Fortune 500 companies in the airlines, retail, banking, software, and telecommunications industries.
    • Recognized for building and leading high-performance cross-functional teams working in different countries, consistently transforming challenges into business opportunities.
    • Proven ability to enhance business processes, meet business objectives and exceed client satisfaction.

  • Previously at
    Pancho Consulting

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  • Dave Victor Viola Manhas
  • Functional Consultant
  • As a Salesforce professional with 2 years of experience as a functional consultant, I have developed a deep understanding of the platform and how it can be used to solve complex business problems. I hold five Salesforce certifications, including Admin, App Builder, Business Analyst, Service, and Field Service. My background as a bank teller using Salesforce has also given me valuable insights into the end-user experience, which has helped me design solutions that meet the end users needs.

    One of my strongest skills is communication. I have a talent for explaining technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that the project is progressing smoothly. I am also a skilled presenter, able to create engaging presentations that clearly convey important information.

    Another key skill I possess is persistence. I am committed to seeing projects through to completion, even when faced with unexpected obstacles. I am able to stay focused on the end goal and find creative solutions to problems that arise.

    Finally, I am an effective collaborator. I believe that working together as a team is essential for success, and I always strive to build strong relationships with my colleagues and stakeholders. I am able to leverage the unique strengths of each team member to achieve our collective goals. Overall, my combination of technical expertise, end-user experience, and strong communication, persistence, and collaboration skills make me a valuable asset to any Salesforce project.

  • Previously at
    Groundswell Cloud Solutions

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  • Emine Kesir
  • 2 Certified Salesforce Administrator with 2 years of experience customizing Salesforce Platform. Proven ability to analyze complex problems to design and optimize business processes by implementing best practices, increasing user adoption, and driving change. An excellent team player with good communication and problem solving skills. Passionate about learning new concepts and expanding Salesforce tools to provide outstanding solutions for Organizations.

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  • Monica Melo
  • Director Sales Operations/Salesforce Administrator
  • I am a results-driven Certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Operations Lead with excellent relationship building skills and proven success collaborating with cross-functional and virtual teams. Self-motivated and proactive leader with over 16 years’ experience maintaining data integrity, identifying process gaps, breaking down silos, and successfully implementing strategic visions for improvement.

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  • Fatih Kaya
  • Salesforce Developer
  • I am a dedicated and detail-oriented Salesforce Administrator with about two years of professional experience in Salesforce.

    I have experience working with Sales Cloud, CPQ, Security, Process Builder, Flows, Validation Rules, Approval Process, Data

    Import/Export, and Tableau.

    I am a skilled researcher who is always self-motivated to learn and develop, seek to understand

    project requirements fully, and able to identify opportunities in a given arena.

    I demonstrated ability to work both independently and on a team. I am a supportive teammate and employee willing to go the extra mile to help others.

  • Previously at

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  • Habeebuddin
  • I am a Salesforce certified consultant with years of experience in support, implementation, design and data integration.