IZMIITE is free to sign up, post your project, review freelancer’s portfolio when we connect them to you and discuss the project requirements. If you choose to hire the freelancer and the freelancer accepts, we charge you a small introduction fee of 3% or $3.00 CAD (whichever is greater) levied on each payment you make us for the time of freelancer work. You work with our Salesforce experts hourly, part time or full time on our agreed fixed price on a weekly basis.

For a full time permanent hire, on the successful placement of the candidate with your company, we charge you a very reasonable rate of somewhere between 7% to 15% of the candidate’s total first annual salary.

We make sure that we connect the most suitable freelancers to our clients based on our client’s project requirements. While we connect experts who are already pre-screened and verified from our network, we understand that there may be an instance where not every person will be a perfect fit for every company. For this reason, we can provide you with another expert who may be a better fit for your project with no charge to you. That is we’ll waive the introduction fee

IZMIITE is a unique platform one of its kind in the world connecting Salesforce Experts to Salesforce Customers. We are an exclusive network of certified Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, Developers and Architects. Many small to medium sized Salesforce Customers find it hard to afford a full time permanent Salesforce professional within their company. Yet, they need somebody to manage their salesforce org. IZMIITE is a platform where they can save money by hiring a Salesforce Expert on demand on hourly/weekly basis instead of employing permanent Salesforce professional paying huge salaries. Last but not least, IZMIITE is managed by Salesforce experts.

We connect you with high-quality candidates. Our large network of top certified Salesforce experts are already pre-screened, verified and interviewed. Our candidates have multiple certifications and proven work experience. You are meeting only with the candidates that have been already carefully assessed and interviewed. Beyond their technical capabilities, they are people with great soft skills that include attitude, ethical values and English proficiency. As we deal with candidates on a daily basis, we understand both our candidate needs and your requirements to make a great match

Currently, most of our experts are located in the USA and Canada with some in South Asia

Mostly our experts work remotely from their home office

Yes, only if the expert preferably lives in the same country of yours and all parties agree on the relocating terms & conditions.

IZMIITE goes to every possible length to ensure that this doesn’t happen. At IZMIITE, we completely understand dependability is of the utmost importance. We take measures to ensure that availability and reliability is a top priority for our experts. However, in the extremely unlikely circumstance that such a situation arises, IZMIITE will replace the expert with another expert and may credit back the time billed to the client.

Yes, as long as all parties establish a mutually beneficial agreement.

The client. IZMIITE’s only business is connecting certified salesforce experts to the clients. Our contracts provide that all work created by a IZMIITE expert is the property of the client, not IZMIITE.

IZMIITE enters into agreements with every expert of our network. Through these agreements, IZMIITE obtains exclusive ownership of the work created by the expert that works with you. We then provide you with the intellectual property for the work that the IZMIITE expert creates for you under our client agreement. This simple process has worked well for our clients. However, if you would like to have other arrangements and agreements to ensure safety and protection of intellectual property, we can work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

We typically invoice our clients twice a month, though there is some flexibility here depending on the project length. Invoices are generated with Net 10 terms, so our clients have an opportunity to review the charges prior to processing.

We currently accept all major credit cards, bank wires, and PayPal.