Shubhangi Chinchansure ( I am an Developer )

in Newyork and is now Available for hire

    • Total 6+ years of experience in CRM and platform with proficiency as a Developer and Administrator.
    • Created Lightning Components, added CSS and Design Parameters which improves performance.
    • Knowledge of configuration and maintenance of security settings such as role hierarchies, profiles and permissions, setting login hour and IP ranges in compliance with organizational needs.
    • Proficient in dealing with the functionalities related to the Service cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Call center, Chatter & AppExchange applications.
    • In-depth knowledge in Developing Apex code within Governor Limits.
    • Experience in Data Loading using Import Data Wizard and Apex Data Loader.
    • Experience in Development using, Visualforce and Apex.
    • Capable in developing client specific solutions using Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Controllers and Controller Extension, Components and Test Methods.
    • Experience in creating Lightning Components using aura framework, creating Visualforce Pages.
    • Prepared unit test cases using apex test classes and to fulfill the 75% of test cases for the development in Salesforce.
    • Have explored Lightning Experience to check the impact of enabling Salesforce Lightning Experience in existing implemented Salesforce system.
    • Proficient in creating custom objects, Role based page layouts, Workflow Rules and Approvals, Validation Rules, Custom Reports and data extraction to various formats.
    • Worked on Salesforce Customization, Security Controls, creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Record Types, Page Layouts and Email Templates etc.
    • Performed validation rules, work flows, e-mail services and approval process using customization and Apex.
    • Experience in setting update data visibilities by configuring OWD, Criteria/Owner based Sharing rules and writing Apex managed sharing rules.
    • Experience in building Salesforce1 applications for mobile devices using Salesforce Lightning Design System.
    • Experience Working with CPQ to oversee design, estimating, citing, rebates, motivating force and recommendations on any gadgets.
    • Experience using JIRA for issue tracking.
    • Provided customers with best practice solutions as related to Salesforce CRM.
    • Good exposure to RDBMS, SQL and PL/SQL, writing SQL scripts for efficient report generation.
    • Great involvement in creating Lightning Apps, Lighting web Components (LWC) , Controllers and Events.
    • Strong experience in deploying Salesforce components across various sandbox and production instance using Change sets, Migration tool (Ant based scripts) and Workbench.
    • Good working experience with Java Object Oriented Programming technologies and HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    • Written SOQL and SOSL queries in Apex.
    • Worked extensively on Cross browser compatibility checks for all developments and involved in fixing software defects, track bugs, close open defects and validate functionality.
    • Installed Salesforce AppExchange Apps, configured and maintained user security permissions in compliance with organizational needs
    • Experience with developing a complete Case Management System using Lightning Components, Controllers, Helper Methods, and Style Sheets
    • Experience in Integrating Salesforce with External services using both SOAP, REST Web Services.

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      2 years

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      # of Certifications: 5

      Name of any one: Salesforce Platform Developer I

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