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6 Benefits of Being a Freelancer in 2021

In recent years, freelancing has become more popular than ever, with more than one-third of people pursuing it. With the Covid 19 and the emergence of the world’s new normal, working remotely and freelancing has become need of the time. It’s the freelance lifestyle that is attracting too in addition to the necessity it has […]

A snapshot of the $1.2 trillion freelance economy in the U.S. in the age of Covid-19

More than one-third of the American workforce freelance amid the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, a study by Upwork revealed Tuesday. This was a 22% increase since 2019 and it was fueled in part by an influx of younger, highly-skilled professionals seeking flexible alternatives to traditional employment Upwork’s seventh annual study […]

How to Become a Freelance Salesforce Consultant

Ask any freelancer out there what they love about freelancing. The first thing they tell you is the room to work flexibly, remotely, and how it opens them up to more opportunities. The desire to freelance also comes from wanting to freely select specific jobs you want to work on and higher pay. Yes, not everyone might be cut out […]

Your Guide to Salesforce Roles & Responsibilities

With the Salesforce ecosystem expanding at such a rapid rate, IDC predicts that by 2024, 4.2 Million new jobs will have been created. As Salesforce also expands its product suite through innovation and acquisition, the landscape of Salesforce roles and responsibilities is constantly changing. There has never been a better time to get into Salesforce. Not only […]