Bettina Silvia Barbara Preziosi ( I am an Administrator )

    My background is Thirteen years as a CRM salesperson and marketing in one of the largest European. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology. Company. With my recent experience as Salesforce Administrator/business analyst at Salesforce, I know how to import and clean data and, develop customer interviews and presentations, identify the Persona for the business analysis. I Have negotiation skills with the Best Practice for successful MFA Multi-Factor Authentication  ) implementation. My certificate as a Salesforce Administrator, Google IT, and Cisco system helps troubleshoot, solve cases, and manage excellent customer relationships. I worked on a Dreamforce project for the Salesforce organization, developing an app for the Manager of the events. Lastly, I been volunteering for a pro bono  Ross Preschool project for data migration, using the NPSP tools in Salesforce, creating a contact list and security level assignments rule. I enabled the MFA +SSO for all company users in a 100% reduction in the security breach.

    My dedication to research and finishing projects on tight deadlines make me perfect for your project.

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